On December 12, 1972, the families of Audubon Hills voted in favor of forming the Audubon Hills Community Services District (AHCSD).   Being that only one entity can have authority to an easement,  this formation transferred the road easements rights to the AHCSD.

Announcements and Information


Since 1972,  the AHCSD has received a portion of the county taxes, to maintain its primary purpose, Audubon Drive and secondary purpose, the side roads.

Special Assessment

  • In 1984 the community approved a “special assessment” of $25 to be added to their taxes for maintaining the roads and keep up with rising paving costs.
  • In 2001, at a community meeting, residents asked why Audubon Dr. kept having the same pot holes filled and sections paved.  They wanted to know when side roads would start getting paved.
    • AHCSD said if they used a new product called Petromat (see below), it would put an end to repeated problems on Audubon Drive, then they could focus on side roads.
    • They suggested that if the residents wanted their roads paved, that they could vote on increasing the “special assessment” from $25 to $75 or $100 a year.
      • For many, $100 was too much
  • In 2002, the AHCSD had an election, sponsored by AHA!, and residents voted to increase the special assessment fee to $75 per parcel.
  • These “special assessments” have helped keep up with rising paving costs, until recently.
  • When other associations and CSD’s are charging upwards of $250 a month for roads like ours, our AHCSD does a great job of taking care of ours at $75 a year, but that won’t last forever.
  • Paving costs have doubled in the last ten years, and residents will have to seriously consider another raise if they want side roads paved in a timely manner.
  • The paving of side roads started in 2009.


  • The responsibility of the AHCSD is to maintain Audubon Drive, and all its side roads.
  • Side roads used by the most residents are getting paved first.
  • Maintenance on current roads will continue until the time comes for their turn at getting paved.
  • Audubon Drive is the first priority, which is why it has a healthy paving.
  • Paving is not done for cosmetic purposes, but for healthy maintenance of all roads.
  • AHCSD is responsible for pot hole repairs, sign maintenance, centerline painting, snow removal or sanding on snowy days, roadside abatement, ditch and culvert repair.

Paving Audubon Drive

  • The four phase project has paved the worst parts of Audubon Drive with a material called “Petromat”.
    • This is an under-layment material that the Department of Transportation uses on the freeways.  It helps reduce the perking effect of water, that comes from underneath and cracks the road and makes potholes.
    • Instead of the costly job of constant cracking and re-paving every year, “Petromat” should keep our roads healthy for up to 25 years!

Paving Side Roads

  • The goal of AHCSD is to eventually widen and pave all side roads in Audubon if the AHCSD funds received can allow for that cost.
  • These improvements will increase home values, create better emergency vehicle access, and make our streets safer.
  • Roads will eventually be graded and widened to 20’ .
  • The goal for cul-de-sacs will be 60’ diameter, to accommodate a fire truck to be able to turn around.
  • For more details on side road paving, click here.

Residents Need to Know

  • All residents are encouraged to look at their parcel maps, because if your road is less than 20’ wide—or does not have a cul-de-sac—you’ll need to know where the AHCSD road easements are on your property and where possible expansion may occur.
  • Please do not build or plant within the easement, it will have to be removed when the time comes for your road to be upgraded.
  • For information on the AHCSD rights to widen within the easements, please click here.

Community Input

  • If you have any other questions, please contact AHCSD.   They will be happy to answer any of your questions.
  • Another option is to attend one of the six meetings that are held each year.  To find the dates, click here.  They are also posted at the entrance of Audubon Hills.

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