Regular meetings shall be held starting with the second Tuesday of January and every two months thereafter on the second Tuesday of the month.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2018 Proposed Meeting Dates – Usually the 2ND Tuesday of the month.

JANUARY 09          Review Road work and bid process – Agenda
MARCH 13               Finalize or modify Bids – Meeting Minutes
MAY 08                    Canceled -Schedule paving work
JULY 10                   Direct charge filling/approve budget – Agenda
SEPTEMBER 11      Comment on paving work for 2018
SEPTEMBER 16     SPECIAL MEETING – Approve paving invoice for 2018
NOVEMBER 13      Confirm Road Priorities and Adopt 2019 Calendar


Meeting November 14th  – Agenda
Meeting September 12th  – Agenda
Meeting July 11th  – Agenda
Meeting April 18th 
 – Agenda
Meeting March 14th
Meeting January 10th


Meeting November 8th – Agenda
Meeting July 12th –  Agenda
Meeting May 10  – Agenda
Special Meeting April 19 – Agenda- Insurance
Special Meeting March 29 – Agenda- Insurance
Meeting January 12Agenda
Meeting March 08Agenda


Meeting October 13 – Agenda


Click here for a zip file of all previous meeting minutes prior to 2014.

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