Audubon Hills CSD

Sept. 11, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Type of Meeting: Regular Scheduled
Location; Camino Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Call to order
II. Roll call
(1) Gene Blackmun (2020) (4) Stephanie Knapp (2018)
(2) Russell Anders (2020) (5) Ian Stevenson (2020)
(3) James Gasper (2018)
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting July 10, 2018
IV. Opening Issues;
a) Financial Report, Ian Stevenson
b) Correspondence; Blackmun
c) Public Comment
V. Old Business;
a) Review and comment on repaving Thrush and culvert Replacement under Audubon Drive; Blackmun
b) Conflict of Interest Policy
c) Dec. 2018 Board Changes
d) Striping
e) Branch removal over road
VI. New Business
a) ??
VII. Next Meeting; November 13, 2018
VIII. Adjourn

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