Paving Notice – NOTICE MAY 09, 2022

Paving Notice – NOTICE MAY 09, 2022

NOTICE MAY 09, 2022


The Board for the Audubon Hills CSD has signed a contract with Joe Vicini, INC to do an Asphalt Overlay of approximately 1500 Lin. Feet of Audubon Drive, starting approximately 700 feet from North Canyon. This will include placing and compacting gravel on the shoulder, (where possible) and painting the center line. The work will start on or about July 06, 2022. We can expect one-way controlled traffic during this period.

We know that this may be an inconvenience for some, but your help and planning will make this project go smoothly. Thank you in advance for your help and patience.

If you have any asphalt paving you would like to have done on your property, you can contact Joe Vicini, Inc. foreman
Jim Wilson
Cell phone: 530-748-5758

You can call him and get an estimate for your project.

You can contact the Board@AUDUBONHILLSCSD.ORG